Enhance Your Real Estate Business With Google My Business

Welcome to our guide on optimizing Google My Business for your real estate business. In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll reveal how to harness the full potential of this cost-free tool to boost your online presence and attract more leads. Let’s dive in!

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is your digital storefront on the world’s most popular search engine. It ensures prospective clients can easily discover your real estate services when they search for properties in your area. Think of it as the modern, essential equivalent of the classic yellow pages – a must-have for every real estate professional.

Setting Up Google My Business

Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: Business Identity

  • Input your precise business name as it appears in your real-world branding.
  • Use keywords that will show Google your other online profiles are associated
  • A suggestion could be: Christy Ramadge | eXp Realty Mexico

Step 3: Address Consistency

  • Maintain a consistent address across all platforms.
  • Note that if your business is run from your home address, put that in – you have the option to hide this from public view.

Step 4: Service Area

  • If you serve multiple locales, set up as a service area business to rank in various cities.

Step 5: Define Your Service Areas

  • Specify the regions you serve, down to zip codes, for pinpoint accuracy.

Step 6: Business Classification

  • Opt for “real estate agent” if you’re an individual agent or “real estate agency” for office-based operations.

Step 7: Contact Details

  • Use a local phone number for a coherent online presence.
  • A VOIP number may not be accepted, so your kvCORE SMART number, if you have one, may not work. If it is rejected, use your local cell number
  • Include your website URL.

Step 8: Verification

  • Google may verify your identity through a mailed postcard with a code or alternative verification options such as photos.

Step 9: Eliminate Duplicates

  • Delete any redundant Google My Business pages to maintain consistency.

Step 10: NAP Consistency

  • Ensure uniformity of your Name, Address, and Phone number across all online platforms.

Step 11: Enrich with Visuals

  • Enhance your page with a logo, cover photo, interior and exterior shots, and engaging videos.
  • High-quality, genuine visuals are your best bet.

Step 12: Profile Completion

  • An all-encompassing profile holds a higher rank.
  • Include your logo, cover photo, operational hours, business snapshots, and a comprehensive description (250-400 words).

Step 13: Seasonal Hours

  • Manually update holiday or seasonal hours as needed.

Step 14: Consistent Posting

  • Keep your audience engaged with regular posts featuring updates, articles, local news, event highlights, community areas, captivating photos, and engaging videos.
  • Aim for at least one weekly post.
  • Use your landing page and squeeze page links to generate and capture lead information
  • Post your open house dates as events
  • Post your listings as squeeze pages

Step 15: Actively Engage

  • Foster interactions by responding to comments and actively participating in your community.

Step 16: Gather Google Testimonials using your unique link

  • Rank higher by getting your leads to write testimonials on your profile.
  • Google will also troll the web and find testimonials on profiles such as Zillow and Facebook, so ensure as much consistency between profiles as possible


In Conclusion

Optimizing your Google My Business page can significantly elevate your real estate business’s visibility and lead generation. Remember, it’s not a “set it and forget it” tool; consistent updates and engagement are key.

If you require assistance with any aspect outlined in this article, feel free to contact Christy directly for all your business development and online marketing needs!

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